Гранты для местных бизнесов

Открыт прием заявок на гранты для местных бизнесов. Срок подачи документов: 19 августа.

What type of businesses should apply for the Better Business round?
As long as your business is eligible to receive a grant, the judges welcome small and medium sized businesses from all industries to apply. For instance, your business may sell products overseas but as long as the grant will be used to help your business give back to your local community, like employ people with disabilities or build infrastructure that will benefit the community, the judges want to hear about it.
Don’t forget to tell us about your community and why your business wants to make a difference — it may be to address mental health issues in regional communities, increase job opportunities in remote areas or connect multicultural communities in metro regions. Tell us on the application form, but to impress the judges you could upload a video, add photos or even add a testimony from a local leader about your business and its impact on the community.

Does your business qualify?
To qualify your dream must aim to tackle a local or social issue in Australian communities, and the business receiving the grant must also be:
a registered Australian Business
based in Australia with funds being spent in Australia
a small to medium sized business with less than 200 employees
able to be undertaken in the next 12 months
If your dream is shortlisted to the top 10, your business mst also provide documents that validate the viability of business.
Sunsuper’s Dreams for a Better World is open to all Australian residents aged 18 years or older at the time of entry. You don’t need to be a Sunsuper member to enter.
You’ll receive a confirmation email that your dream has been accepted. If your dream doesn’t meet the guidelines, we’ll let you know.

More information: https://dreamsforabetterworld.com.au/apply